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Phoebe Cole

About: An Integrative Child, Adolescent and Parent Therapist, specialising in talk and holistic therapies for whole family wellness.

As a seasoned Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, I bring over a decade of experience working collaboratively with Local Authorities and State Schools across Education, Health & Social Care, and Therapy. In my 11-year journey, I have observed the pervasive challenges faced by Children and Young People within these systems, where the struggle for understanding and a voice often persists. My mission has been to assist numerous families navigating the complexities of neurodivergence and mental health diagnoses, offering unwavering support to those experiencing heightened anxieties and a sense of isolation.

Recognising the crucial need for community support, I specialise in empowering families to overcome obstacles and foster resilience. Whether you are a parent seeking additional support and reflection to better understand yourself, or you have a Child/Adolescent in need of a safe space to explore emotions and inner worlds, I am here for you.

In the pursuit of happiness and harmony, essential for flourishing in relationships and navigating systemic challenges, I have personally witnessed the transformative power of Walking, Talking, EFT, and Art Therapies. These modalities, combined with a holistic approach focusing on whole-body wellness, allow us to sift through unwanted behaviours and feelings, addressing root causes. My role is to guide you on a journey toward not only mental and physical well-being but also whole family wellness.

The name 'Cwtch,' inspired by my Welsh heritage, holds a special significance. It encapsulates the essence of a warm embrace that instils a sense of safety in both mind and body—a space I am dedicated to creating for you on your therapeutic journey.



Children and Adolescents
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Child Counselling
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Integrative Child Psychotherapy
  • NVQ in Health and Social Care (children and young people) - level 3
Parents & Young People
  • Certificate in Counselling skills
  • Postgraduate Certificate in The Therapeutic Arts (7x mediums)
  • EFT Intermediate Practitioner (Student - Certification Pending)

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